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Island Rawk Audio Productions

880 Hecate St. Nanaimo BC

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(250) 797 0509
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You've gone with the rest, now use thePunks!?

Chuck The Soundtech here to inform you of the official opening of the brand spanky new business: Island Rawk Audio Productions.
A Nanaimo based proprietorship, locally owned & operated to serve your audio production needs.

We are far more than your average sound production company; we book & promote musicians of any kind for gigs in the Nanaimo area. With high standards in our live audio productions, wicked sound gear, affordable pricing & by committing to the musicians, artists & rockin' out; Island Rawk is going to show this sleepy city just how fun & entertaining the music scene really is!!!

I should add here, that Island Rawk Audio Productions now has liability insurance and can rent larger venues from the city of Nanaimo; allowing us to put together much larger shows.

The following is a list of the sound system we will have available for rental (currently waiting for all units to arrive) The entire system can be rented for the cost of $300 or WE WILL BEAT COMPETITOR'S PRICES!!!
This cost included the soundtech go operate the system; however, it does not include travel costs.

500W 15" JBL Mains
600W 18" JBL Subs
250W 12" JBL Monitors (that's right we have monitors!)

16 Channel Yamaha Sound Board
(1)Lexicon MX200 Digital Sound FX Processor
(2)DBX Dual 31 band Graphic Equalizers
(1)DBX Compressor/Gate
(1)DBX Crossover
2400W QSC AMP (mains/subs)
800W QSC AMP (monitors)

(4)Shure SM58's (for vocals)
(2)Shure SM57's (for instrument mics)
Sampson 7 piece Drum Mic Kit (for drum mics)
2 DI Boxes (for micing bass amps/keyboards/etc.)

With the soundgear on the way, and a venue in the works Island Rawk is here for you.

Still not convinced...? Want more info...?
Get ahold of us by means of email or phone and we can answer your questions & address your concerns.

As always, Chuck The Soundtech,
cause I'm mixing the show

Listed Under:
Show Booking / Promotion
Live Sound & Lights
Instrument/P.A. Rentals/Sales

Listing last confirmed: Dec. 14, 2005

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