Kemp is a banker. When he receives a phone call from an elderly aunt on her deathbed, he rushes across the country to pay her a visit, anticipating a swift funeral. But she’s not going just yet. As the seasons change and the weather turns, she defies his expectations in this deliciously absurd, incredibly funny, and poignantly tender play. “I’m worried about your health…it seems to be improving.”

Vigil premiered at the Belfry in September 1995 and has played half the world over and been translated into two dozen languages.

Why I Chose This Play
I’ve always loved Morris’s writing—and I particularly love this play! It’s ultimately irresistible. Only Morris could put such a grim misanthrope onstage and make us fall in love with him. I also love that it first came to life on this stage—and is returning to the Belfry for the first time in over 25 years! Welcome back, Morris and his longtime artistic partner, Ken—you’ll always be part of the Belfry family. MS