Three artists – thousands of ideas

thread n. & v. 1. Fine cord of fibrous material made of filaments twisted together used in sewing; 2. to pass through; 3. to proceed by a winding course; 4. continuity and connectedness.

Our opening reception is Friday Sept 16 from 3 - 5pm. We will also host lectures and workshops!

Free Lecture Series (registration not required)
Terry Murray: My Life in Pictures
Terry Murray has led an exciting life in the North American Film Industry as a Script Supervisor.
Join her to hear stories from the set. She has worked with the likes of Michael J. Fox, Carol Burnett, Tommy Smothers, Joan Plowright, Gillian Anderson, Beau Bridges, Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Jason Mamoa.
Saturday Sept 17 from 4-5pm OR Wednesday Sept 21 from 4-5pm

Susan Duffield: Indigo and Paper Making demonstration and presentation
Susan has been growing indigo for over 20 years and used the dye in a variety of applications.
In recent years she has been exploring paper making using a locally available plant, Daphne.
Sunday Sept 18 from 4-5pm

Introduction to Collage with Wendy Duffield
Collage – art for everyone! Join Wendy for this introductory workshop where she will discuss some of the techniques involved in her work and then you will make your own small artwork.
2 hour session: $15 per person, all materials provided, including card and envelope, collage materials and loan of tools. Please email her at [email protected] to reserve a place.
A) Saturday Sept 17, 6–8pm OR Wednesday Sept 21, 6-8pm