Up and coming indie-rock neon soul band Zinnia fuses modern synth-pop with a distinct soul vibe, quickly earning national attention. Skillfully marrying an experimental way of writing adventurous pop songs, the like's we haven't heard since Kate Bush, with a colorful vocality, and the sensation of a smoldering flame, Zinnia is one of Canada's must see emerging bands.

This show, Layten Kramer and Dana Sipos will be performing full sets with fuller bands (a rare occurrence).

We all fell in love with Layten Kramer's new album Dear Apathy, and wanted to bring his trippy, dreamy sonic weirdness to a twangy palette of vintage Americana and classic garage pop onto the VEC stage.

Known for crafting music that is both fragile and orchestral, Dana Sipos will be performing songs from her latest release, The Astral Plane, as a five-piece band. Dana will be returning home for this show after a Martimites spring tour that included a showcase at the Canadian Folk Music Awards where she was nominated for Solo Artist of the Year. Dana will be performing her unique blend of hypnotic and slightly strange folk, reflected through a lens that isn't afraid to be out of focus at times..