Our Maritime Masterclasses are practical classes, led by volunteer experts on a variety of maritime skills and topics. Meant for those wanting to refresh their skills or learn something new, join us to such subjects as knot tying, how to navigate in rough seas, or the intricacies of Indo-Asia-Pacific naval diplomacy.

Susan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over twenty years ago and has chosen a lifestyle that manages the disease through physical fitness and diet. Her number one form of exercise is swimming and her diet is vegan. Both minimize the stress on her body, making it possible to live an active life. For Susan, swimming in the open water provides a special kind of freedom. Multiple Sclerosis is a cruel disease. While one of the best ways for her to manage it is to exercise, exercise is also one of the things that can cause her to over heat and potentially lead to damaging attacks. The open water keeps her cool where she is free to exercise.

Susan wholeheartedly believes everyone is worth the effort it takes to be healthy, and for those of us with disease our first line of defence should be a healthy and fit self.


As this is an indoor organized group recreational class the Maritime Museum of BC will require proof of vaccination.

By October 24, you must be fully vaccinated.
You're fully vaccinated 7 days after dose 2.

We ask those unable to provide this information to join us for our masterclasses later in 2022.

For more information, please call us at 250.385.4222 or email us at [email protected]