…lovely soothing jazz with mesmerizing soulful vocals, so delicate and warm, totally fitting
mood for my Sunday Brunch playlist. Welcome!
Elena, Sunday Brunch Playlist

What beautiful jazz music, your voice is amazing... just the perfect mood for my playlist. I
love it! Christopher, JAZZ Playlist

When “The Best Guys in Town” pair up with Heather Ferguson’s warm vocals and gorgeous delivery
you know you’re in for a great evening. Classic jazz at its finest with some new twists just to keep
you wanting more. Reserve now to join Heather, on stage with Damian Graham, Dr. Tony Genge,
Joey Smith, along with Miguelito Valdes and Barrie Sorensen.

Timeless songs like “Look of Love” by Bacharach, Jockey Full of Bourbon by Tom Waits, Bewitched,
Lush Life, Stardust and many more.

YouTube: Look of Love -- https://youtu.be/BegKuYuvoso