In Between: What Comes Next? is an immediate look at where we are in this present moment in the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Many of us are living in an 'in between'; trapped between a terrifying past and an uncertain future. The novelty of the pandemic has worn away (and worn us down), and with vaccines on the horizon, we look ahead to what comes next. In Between encapsulates the banality of waiting and the painful tedium of seeing the pandemic through.

In conceptualizing the exhibit, out team wanted to create a series of interactive and unmediated experiences to counteract the never-ending mediation we face in our day-to-day lives. We ask viewers to actively participate in their experience and to hear, touch and feel the world around them.

Visitors to the exhibit will first encounter Longing to Touch, an interactive painting installation that draws out our nostalgia for human connection through the act of mark making, imprint and touch.

In "normal", listeners are invited to go back in time through an auditory experience and recall/relive moments from before the pandemic.

Makeshift Studio, is a direct reflection of our work from home conditions, where space and place of home, work and studio have become tightly interwoven for better or worse. Makeshift Studio shows us the intense blurring of boundaries and the collision of physical realms that were once separated.

Despite these calls to interact and engage with the exhibit, there is a disturbing hollowness that permeates the gallery. Like the space between breaths, we are trapped between moments and long to exhale.