This class will build your confidence in painting with acrylics on canvas. We'll start by working through some ideas, then we'll refine your concept, and we'll work to make your ideas shine. You'll learn the full process to complete a project: from canvas prep to sketching on canvas and painting with acrylics.

As a trained graphic artist, Kathleen has a strong understanding for structure, use of space, colour, and flow. Her experience in advertising and design has guided her in her work as a painter, muralist, and window artist. Kathleen will show you the techniques that she uses and will help you discover what works best for you.

Recommended Materials List:
- pencils
- charcoal pencils
- acrylic paint
- acrylic paint brushes
- large sketchpad
- canvas (minimum 24" x 24")
- printed copies of some ideas you'd like to paint

Art supplies can be purchased from your local art supply store, such as Iron Oxide in Nanaimo.