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Advertising on is simple and flexible. You pay a fixed rate of 1 cent every time your ad is shown. That's $10 per 1000 impressions.

We endeavour to maximize the impact and value of each and every ad view. Here are some of the some of ways we do it.

Event Advertising

Every day between 4pm and 9pm our traffic surges as Victoria's music community logs in to find out what to do that evening. You can have a poster for your show, or other event waiting to greet them. is about supporting the music community so we have a special poster placement rate that applies only to live music or art events.

For a limited time, If you buy any amount of advertising your poster will be included in the listings on the left hand side.

While the poster placement in the listings gives you great coverage for the few days before your event, it's usually a good idea to get some advance hype for your show by running a poster in the rotating ad frame as well. People will see the poster in the ad frame long before the show and it will help build advance hype. Ad views in the rotating ad frame are available at the standard 1 cent per view rate.

How it works Ad credit is purchased in advance. When you run an ad, credit is deducted from your user account every time an ad is shown. You can run as many different ads as you want, each with a separate limit on how many times they will be displayed. Once you credit you can run an ad for a show entirely by yourself. You list your show, select how much to spend on the ad and then upload an image, such as a poster, to be used as an ad graphic. Your ad will automatically run until your show is over. Our custom ad-throttling system will spread your ad views out evenly from the day you start the ad, to the day of the event. All of this is done through your web browser and requires no special technical knowledge

Contact Info For information about advertising a show or other event contact:
Nev Gibson

Advertising Your Business

With our huge local audience, and our ultra low rate of $10 per 1000 impressions, is an ideal place to market your business.

For more information on advertising your business, contact:
Nev Gibson