xx FreaQshow xx
The LGBTQ+ Drag Circus.
Featuring local queer artists operating on the territory of the Lekwungen-speaking, Esquimalt, Songhees and WSÁNEĆ people.
Hosted by Occult sister Henrietta Dubét and special guest Vivian Vanderpuss.

Performances by:
Ada Rawl (www.instagram.com/ada.rawl/)
Eddi Licious (www.instagram.com/eddi.licious/)
Henrietta Dubét (www.instagram.com/henriettadubet/)
Kim Union (www.instagram.com/holykimunion/)
Honey Dewme (www.instagram.com/honeydewme92/)
Vivian Vanderpuss (www.instagram.com/infinite_cats/)
A Swarm of Bees (www.instagram.com/leahmold/)
Fruit Bat (www.instagram.com/fruit_bat_69/)
Kibbles n' Bits (www.instagram.com/hopeacusmaximus/)
Jelly Baby (www.instagram.com/othereva/)

Content Warning:
Performances will include horror, sexual themes, gore, violence, blasphemy, emotional content, and everything else this world needs right now.

We think this goes without saying, but this event is a QUEER/FEMINIST/TRANS space which is HET/CIS **FRIENDLY**. Take your transphobic/misogynist/free-speacher/otherwise bigoted beliefs elsewhere and shove it.

The venue has a large set of stairs on entry, limiting the accessibility. That being said, we have 20+ seats arranged which can be reserved for people who need seating.