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Dark Blue World

Dark Blue World

Unknown - Confirmed: Feb. 13, 2010 (Awaiting Update)

Label: Drip Audio
from Vancouver BC

Contact Details

(604) 872-2560
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DarkBlueWorld lives and argues in Vancouver, Canada, which makes it a (waitforit) Canadian Band, and writes songs of musical and literary integrity which makes it a Pretty Fucking Weird Canadian Band... with all the attendant advantages to which that category of artistic endeavor entitles one. Like free healthcare. And total, yet so very ethically addictive, obscurity. And free healthcare. "Ima... more...

Audio Samples

church of the blind
Dark Blue World
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Current Lineup

Elizabeth FischerVox2002-present
Ron SamworthGuitar2002-present
Tony WilsonGuitar2002-present
Pete SchmittBass2002-present
Skye BrooksDrums2002-present
Chad MacQuarrieGuitar2005-present
Gord GrdinaGuitar2008-present
Tommy BabinBass2008-present
Bernie AraiDrums2008-present
Cole SchmidtGuitar2008-present

Past Members

Steven Nikleva2005
David Roundell2006
Status: Unknown
- Last confirmed Feb. 13, 2010